Friday, August 26, 2011

The Quints Mixed Media Assemblage Domino Miniature Hanging Dolls

Awwwww!!!!  These are The Quints - reminiscent of the Dionne Quintuplets.  Do you own the original Madame Alexander 1st generation Dionne Quintuplets miniature dolls issued in 1935....Yvonne in pink, Marie in blue, Annette in yellow, Emelie in lavender and Cecile in green. These little hanging dolls will compliment your collection. Faces are taken from an old doll collectors book, adhered to clear glass cabochons and then onto old domino tiles with 5 dots on each. I've added fancy fibres, flower petals and glass beads. The girls hang about 7 inches in length and their fancy flower dresses spread about 5 inches. They will hang flat against a wall.

They're available in my etsy shop ======> over there =====>

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