Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Little Domino Hanging Ornaments

Well I came across a couple of boxes of old old dominos and here's what happened.......
I got some pictures out of magazines and old doll books and pasted them onto some clear glass cabs......added some flower petals and some fibres and .... tada..... little hanging ornies.
Yikes.....she's spooky, in a cute kind of way.

I like this guy.  He reminds me of that guy in the trench coat on Laugh In.....what was his name?  Arnie?
He's got real faux mohair.


Carla Trujillo said...


Love your domino ornaments!! I've been trying to figure out many different ways to use the domino.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting!

Anonymous said...

"real faux mohair"??
shirley, you jest!

ebryck said...

Yup, real faux mahair......and yup, I jest.

Love your work Carla !!!!